Maine Voices: Maine’s public workers deserve cost-of-living pension adjustments

A bill before the Legislature would restore the annual adjustment for the retirees as a matter of law.

--Portland Press Herald, 4/21/16

Referendum questions are important too

Most of the political talk lately concerns the presidential race and the latest with the governor. But I believe it’s important to keep in mind that Maine citizens will be voting on a number of other very important issues this November.

 -- Journal Tribune, 9/26/16

-- Waterboro Reporter, 6/10/16

Medicaid expansion still lacks votes to overturn looming veto

"GOP members joining Saviello to support expansion were Sen. Roger Katz, R-Augusta, and Sen. David Woodsome, R-North Waterboro....unlike with previous expansion efforts in Maine, Saviello highlighted how the state’s law enforcement leaders, including the Maine Chiefs of Police Association and the Maine Sheriffs Association, supported this effort..."

-- Bangor Daily News, 4/13/16

Maine Senate has taken action on energy

Certainly no one thing is going to be the magic bullet for Maine’s economy or energy costs, but with each step we take we can improve the situation., 10/14/15

Maine Senate confirms Tennessee economist as member of PUC

"Sen. David Woodsome, a North Waterboro Republican who co-chairs the Legislature’s Energy, Utilities and Technology Committee, said Tuesday that Williamson faced tough questioning – even “grilling” – during his confirmation process. The committee voted 11-2 last week to endorse Williamson after a one-week delay led by Democrats who expressed concerns about whether LePage was exerting undue influence on the PUC.

“I am very satisfied with his qualifications, his integrity and his ethical standards,” Woodsome said.

--Portland Press Herald, 6/9/15

Support for Woodsome

"Dave has done a tremendous job working for us for the past two years, spending hours working with his constituents... David is independent, and one who approaches issues with common sense while attempting to do what he feels is right for his constituents. This is the kind of leader we need in Augusta... It's with a great deal of respect that I support David, one of the hardest-working legislators in Maine..." - Dennis Abbott

 -- Journal Tribune, 10/11/16

​In the News

Gov. LePage Taken to Woodshed for Idea to 'Get Rid of the Drug Dealers'

...Maine state Sen. David Woodsome, a fellow Republican, is sponsoring legislation that would increase funding for methadone clinics that treat long-time heroin addicts.

“It’s not so dramatic and exciting,” he says, but may have better results.

“I think [LePage] likes to fight and confront people and to shake them up and unsettle them, you know," Woodsome says, adding the governor is more circumspect in-person and that he hopes gun-owners won't feel encouragement to address drug-dealing on his or her own.

--U.S. News & World Report, 1/29/16

Candidate Profile

"...We need the parties to work together to address these issues. I have made significant gains for bipartisanship by reaching across the aisle to work on issues, not politics. I want to continue the in-roads I’ve made for bipartisanship in order to ensure that Maine has the leadership it needs to build a strong future."

 -- Portland Press Herald, 10/05/16

Seasoned politicians vie for Senate District 33

"I was fed up with Washington-style politics, which I feared were heading for Maine, including entrenched partisanship," said Woodsome. "This is still a problem on a national and state level, and I am committed to continuing my effort to make inroads [in bipartisanship]." 

 -- Journal Tribune, 10/17/16

David Woodsome Perfect Attendance
Legislation provides healthy food to those in need

...the legislation seeks to make it easier for farmers and fisherman to donate a portion of the food they grow or catch to Mainers... I believe it is certainly much better for th food to be given to someone in need than to simply go to waste."

-- The Journal Tribune, 5/23/16

Sanford plans to build biggest municipal broadband network in Maine

The 32-mile fiber-optic loop will be 100 times faster than what's now available, and is viewed as a major benefit for residents and businesses.

--Portland Press Herald, 9/28/15

Bill to boost MaineCare payments for methadone clinics receives support from doctors, police 

No one speaks against a Republican senator's proposal, an effort to help more clinics open and improve services to fight addiction.

 -- Portland Press Herald, 1/28/16

Re-elect Woodsome to Senate

"...I have always found him to be sincere, competent, conscientious and dedicated." -- Robert Powers

--Journal Tribune, 10/26/16

New kid on the block - An interview with Senator David Woodsome

Woodsome explained that one of the reasons he ran was that he was sick of the fighting on the na- tional level, and saw that happen- ing at the state level, and his de- sire was to focus on compromise and finding the middle ground. “But there is so much interest in the extremes, especially among the press.” 

--Waterboro Reporter, 3/27/15

Maine Senate blocks LePage bid to move violent Riverview patients to prison

The Maine Senate likely doomed Gov. Paul LePage’s plan to house violent psychiatric patients at the Maine State Prison after opposing it by just one vote on Wednesday.

-- Bangor Daily News, 4/6/16

David Woodsome - Override solar veto
David Woodsome Bill to Fight Addiction
Override veto of solar bill

Maine should not miss this chance to pass truly good energy policy. 

-- Kennebec Journal, 4/29/16

Maine senators race horses at Farmington Fair​​

Nearing the finish line, four Maine state senators were locked in a neck-and-neck race Tuesday afternoon.

--Daily Bulldog, 9/17/15

Maine’s drug abuse epidemic front and center as legislation advances to next session

Legislative leaders approved 49 appeals of bills Thursday, including five addressing the drug problem.

--Portland Press Herald, 11/19/15

Maine Senate and House at Odds over Gov's Energy Bill

Sen. David Woodsome, a Republican from North Waterboro, says current law is not flexible enough. "Instead of mandating specific technology choices we should have a flexible policy that promotes all options that get the results we are looking for to achieve  - lower costs and lower pollution," Woodsome said., 6/2/15